Monday, July 7, 2008

Child of Wonder

Child of Wonder, Worldly Wise.
Who Parried the Frigid Fight's Reprise,
Hardly Humble, Scarcely Grown,
To You is Given All that's Known.

Forged in Freedom, Tempered True,
To Cut the Gordian Knot in Two,
Family of Fathers, Seldom Seen,
One was Knighted by the Queen,

Chain of Characters Rightly Wrought
Wove Words in Which our Conscious Caught
Strings of Dimensionality Untold
in Wàn Wéi Wang Ten Thousand-Fold

Rich in Robbery, Strictly Lax,
You Nobly Never Paid Your Tax
Loudly Lauded, Cruelly Cursed,
When Fortune's Fable Finally Burst,

Slumber's Songs are Now Unsold,
Make Members Message Manifold,
Eight Oh One, Twenty Six Sixteen,
Care to Comment? What's it mean?

Child of Wonder, Worldly Wise.
Come of Age 'Neath Darkening Skies,
Wiley Wizard, Scandalous Scam,
Will You Wonder Who I Am?


Larry D. Becker said...

Another example of the puzzle poem can be seen at

Larry D. Becker said...

Since I wrote this poem five years ago, only one person has solved the puzzle. Come on people! It isn't that hard.